Sense of Field / 2015 / Design : Hitomi Sato




When I see the "shimmer" of light, images of various natural light come to my mind. For example, ripples on surface of the water, sunlight through the leaves of trees , rays from a break in the clouds, reflections on window glass ."Shimmer" of light makes me feel that it is natural light even if it is artificial. I would like to express the unity of "shimmer" and our body in this work.

Your body is wrapped in the "shimmer" of light. There are countless transparent film hands out of walls on both sides. They are the lighting hair which covers a creature. The faint prominence is reflective and flashes. The grassland of light gives a sense of touch.

The reflective films with the small round shape put on the point , give a strange illusion at various angles and locations. The gold of the morning sun, red of dusk, dark blue of evening sky. Keep looking for a while, and the inner memories of our body are recalled. The feel of winds, clashing sounds, the smells of something. The inner world and the outer nature resonate each other.

It is not only a visual experience but also a sense of touch. You will get the total sense experience, temporal, spatial, and metamorphose.