Hitomi Sato is active based in installations which uses spaces and lights.  She have an inquiring mind to sense of human and materials. She generates new sense by her unique point of view and original ways of switching ideas. As an example, “why are we attracted by shimmer of light?” From this question, she examine natural phenomenon such as wave or sunlight filtering through trees and abstract elements which influence our five senses. Take back all senses through lights. Re recognizing of sense will be important to survive high technology era.
Based in Tokyo
Born in Shizuoka, JAPAN

2013 Graduated from Musashino Art University Department of Architecture
2015 Graduated from Musashino Art University MA Department of Science of Design 
2016 Study Abroad in London
2017- Curation at Myojuji Blanch of Temple Gallery

2023 ALBION Japanese cosmetic brand Skicon KV  [ ALBION for Global ]  Adviser
2022 MOMAS Exhibition [ Treasure Ship ] Sitama Japan
2022 Solo Exhibition [ ENN (Faraway) ] Tokyo 
2020 ORBIS Popup store [Secret of highlight] Shanghai China
2019 Curation [Quake Your Perception] Tokyo
2019 Curation [Retro Back] Tokyo
2018 Curation [Wood and Tree Exhibition] Tokyo
2018 [THE WALL] ITALY, Bologna
2017 [THE WALL] ITALY, Bologna
2017 Japanese Modern Temple [Light of Temple] Tokyo
2016 Museum of Modern Art [Sense of Field] (Saitama)
2015 Mitsubishi Junior Designers Award Exhibition [Sense of Field] Tokyo
2015 Musashino Art University selected work [Sense of Field] Tokyo
2015 Musashino Art University graduate work [Sense of Field] Tokyo
2014 Art in Fram Tachikawa [Color Rhythm] Tokyo
2012 Musashino Art University graduate work [Heart Washing Room] Tokyo
2012 Water and Land Niigata Art Festival [Heart Washing Room] Niigata Japan

Interior / Architecture
2019 Interior [Light Tea House] Australia, Melbourne
2016 Interior [Wenzhou House] China
2016 Designboom Year of Top
2016 LEXUS Design Award「Shortlist」
2015 Musashino Art University selected the work ”Outstanding Performance Award” 
2013 Granship Art Competition (Shizuoka) 「Incentive award」 

2013 Saitama graduation design contest ”Special Jury Prize”

2013 SDL(Sendai Design League)「Top100 election」 

2012 Musashino Art University graduate work ”Incentive award”

2019 [Quake Your Perception] Tokyo
2019 Design Forum [Thema: Gesture] China, Changdu
2018 Saitama Art Museum SMF Talk Event
2017 Musashono Art University Janapn Association JURY
2017 [ Science and Art and Architecture ] Myojuji Blanch of Temple
2017 [ Art and Architecture ] Myojuji Blanch of Temple

2020 Art Premium Magazine USA / France
2018 PremiumVisionCollection Video provided
2018 Cominita Italiana magazine
2017 Art Premium Magazine USA   / France
2017 Forma - Foro Magazine
2017 Modern Decor China Magazine
2016 ACS-14 Artpower Creative Space magazine
2015 JACD (Japan Association of Color Education) magazine vo.33 interview
2015 CBN(Color Business Network) Presentation
2014 CBN (Color Business Network) Presentation

2011 SHINKENCHIKU magazine June extra number Contribution
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